How to join TOSSUG

You don't need to apply for approval or pay membership fee to join TOSSUG. All you need to do is to participate in our face-to-face meetings or cyber activities. Please understand that you can join TOSSUG all by yourself.

The things we do are:

Weekly gatherings

We have regular meetings on 7:00pm - 10:00pm every Tuesday. You can come to meet other Tossug Members. We meet in Corridor Cafe unless it is reserved by others. Please check the wiki and/or e-mail announcements for possible change of place.


Our irc channel is irc://, come join us anytime!

On Linux you can run the text-mode irssi or GUI-mode xchat and issue commands like:


We use the free of charge blogger service for TOSSUG blogs. Please apply an blogger account and notify Candyz on the irc channel so he can add you as a TOSSUG blog member.


The TOSSUG wiki is a MoinMoin instance maintained by Ping. It is mainly for accumulating slide files of ExperienceSharingEvening and all kinds of technical documents that TOSSUG members write or translate. If you want to contribute your documents, please first create a wiki account for yourself by connecting to UserPreferences page and fill in your favorite account name (English, starting with a capital letter please), and fill in your password twice for confirmation. Da-daaa! You have a TOSSUG wiki account! :)

You can create pages in TOSSUG wiki after you have an account. You have to name your page by yourself, but please observe the naming convention here:

Mailing List

If you want to receive TOSSUG announcements by e-mail, please go to subscribe the "Delicious Catfish" mailing list. When you are subscribed, you can also send technical questions to the mailing list. Maybe someone on the list knows the answer. ;)

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